Kublai Khan Caterpillar

Kublai Khan of caterpillars DSCN2025 320Yes, I’m quite taken with the Kublai Khan of NetFlix’s Marco Polo. When I saw this gigantic caterpillar on my favorite tomato plant, which had developed a lot of leafless, fruitless stems, I thought, “Kublai Khan.”

I’ve never seen the cocoon of one of these. I’m thinking this one has got to be pretty close to the spinning-its-cocoon stage.

Last year I tried taking a much smaller one off a tomato plant I particularly liked, and putting it on a less favorite plant. The caterpillar did not stay on the plant I chose for it.

I hope this caterpillar turns into a huge sphinx moth that will visit lots of flowers and lay lots of eggs.

Sphinx moths are those really fast ones that some people call Hummingbird Moths.



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